I Am Woman Circle

I Am Woman Circle

I Am Woman Circle

We are inviting you to a safe space where we heal and empower eachother. A place where there is no gossiping or ashaming. Everyone has their story. Let’s empower all woman around us and sent love & light. 

Are you looking for that safe space to heal? On Sunday 6 november 2022 we invite you to join the I Am Woman Circle in Den Bosch. There are limited spots available because we want to keep it safe and personal. Only 9 spots available for special women.

For who?

If you experience one of the following points, the woman circle is something for you:

  • Imbalance in masculine and feminine energy
  • Low self esteem
  • Negative emotions or patterns
  • Lost contact with your feminine energy
  • Womb or gut issues

What can you expect?

Sharing circle, intention setting, release old patterns, guided meditation, empowerment, connection, Fierce Cacao Ceremony & chakra dance.

Date + location

Sunday 6 november 13.00h – 17.30h at Studio Manna in ‘s-Hertogenbosch.

Early bird tickets: €88

Sending u love & light.